Congratulations on Your Smile

by Everyday Pharaohs

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released November 17, 2017

All music by Everyday Pharaohs. All Lyrics by Sean Halket.

Sean Halket guitar, vox
Danny Smith: bass, vox
Matthew Johnson: drums, vox

Special thanks to
James Tailford for recording, engineering and mixing
Iain Halket for creating the artwork.


all rights reserved



Everyday Pharaohs Glasgow, UK


Just three boys from Glasgow trying their best.


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Track Name: A Dart Room For Dave
I should be with someone else. But if I ever leave her she might kill herself.
Late at night I start to sing. You know how upset I get when I'm editing.

I'm so depressed and I know it's got nothing to do with you.
Take off your dress. Every time I'm gonna spot something new.
You say I'm sick in the head.
When I ask why you say it's cause I've given up on trying
And I wouldn't want to hold you back.

A room chock full of children's toys.
Take me back with open arms because the snow has no voice.
But do you remember that day when you were lying in my bed.
You said you fell in love with me.

You were just a little bit caught in the middle.
Mum and Dad never fought like this before.
I thought I knew you once when we were both little
But I didn't say hello, I had to get my teeth fixed, get my teeth fixed.

The dust's still settling from yesterday and I don't really know if I can do this. I'll just go to bed.
But maybe if I sleep there'll be no secrets left this year.
I can't wait till I get home I always find you waiting for me.
I spent too much time on my own. I always find you waiting for me.
Track Name: Allison Wants to Move to Afghanistan Because Her Home Life is Unsatisfying
I treat every morning like it is a Sunday.
Everyone I love has gone to work.
I got scratched when my cat tore up my wrist band.
She got upset because I loved her wrong.

I'll have all my friends round for Gin and Tonics.
If they don't come then I will drink alone.
My girl tells me “you're an alcoholic.”
She mentioned again that I should see someone.

But I...I am seeing you.
And I...I don't want to lose my friends.
I want to find out how things end.
I want to take my life in a new direction.

When I let go is when you tighten up.
Don't leave me here. Woo!

I'm not so sure if you can help me. I've said all that I can say.
How many “I love you's” will convince me not to change.

I don't know why I woke up today.
I don't know why I feel so ashamed.
Track Name: Bed Sores
Keep checking the weather. The darker the better.
I know you need me the older that you get.
The creak of a headboard. I suffer from bed sores.
I'll never love you the way you love me back.

[So be good to your mother
No one else will bother
Fixing those broken shelves.
While you're wasting away
I think of all your mistakes
Affecting my mental health.]

You cough every morning.
You're fucking disgusting.
But I still love you if I don't send it back.
Don't make me feel guilty man cause pretty soon I'm going to have to leave.


So I will keep checking the weather. The darker the better.
I'll nurse your bed sores. But that will only make you cry more.
Losing your patience for seeing new places. I look so sad.
It's probably just because I want my friend back.
Track Name: Rainbows
I probably never coming home.
I think I'm too obsessed with sex.
I don't know when I'll be back.
This time I'm really giving up
Cause even millionaires have stress
And they don't care how anyone else feels.

I've got no good ideas.
I've got no one for real.
I've just got your body and that is all I'll need.
And the people in my life are not people I like.
I'll never stop loving you.

I've got no excuses.
I've got this fear of growing up.
I've got feelings for you that I've never felt before.
But the people in my life are not people I like.

I want you to tell them all
I'll never stop loving you.
Where did it all go wrong?
I'll never stop loving you.


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